Teeth Alignment Methods

Teeth Alignment Methods

Methods to Align Your Teeth

Dental Braces, The Traditional Method

Braces can correct many significant dental issues. They are sometimes covered by insurance. The downside: Most dental braces are visible. They’re a fixed appliance, which means they’re not removable. Good oral hygiene is necessary to prevent cavities and other oral health problems. Treatment time: 6 months to 2 years

  • Metal braces. These are what you normally think of when imagining braces—a metal bracket with wires held on by elastic ties.
  • Self-ligating (Damon) braces. Like traditional metal braces, but they use a sliding device to hold the wire instead of elastic ties.
  • Clear braces. Ceramic braces that are clear or colored to match your teeth.

Clear aligners: The removable option

  • For mild to moderate cases, clear aligners can most much less than braces.
  • Clear aligners are removable, making it easier to eat, drink, and maintain oral hygiene.
  • Clear aligners require significantly less time at an orthodontist’s office than braces do.
  • They’re much less noticeable than traditional braces.

If not worn on a daily basis for the proper amount of time , they won’t be effective.

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