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Are braces necessary?

Affordable Braces Los Angeles

Affordable Braces Los Angeles

Make the best of your teeth is the goal of any braces treatment. A proper way to bite will allow to eat more comfortably and healthier. Your teeth and gums will be more protected and last but not least, a beautiful smile is always worth the waiting.
Correction of distance between teeth and bite takes the use of braces. Teeth can be crowded, or crooked in a way that mechanical forces are necessary for correction.
Traditionally treatment takes 1 and a half to two years, frequent visits to the dentist are necessary every month or every six weeks. New technologies (Fast Braces) can shorten this time considerably bringing astonishing results in 2 months for selected cases.

Do I need braces?

After a proper clinical exam, x-rays and teeth impressions a dentist can determined if braces are a good choice for you. Only then can a proper treatment plan be developed.
Orthodontic treatment could be good for you if you feel to be a match with any of the following:

  • Upper front teeth stick out over the lower teeth. Commonly called “buck teeth” or overbite.
  • Lower teeth are too far forward or the upper teeth too far back. Commonly called “underbite” by the public.
  • Upper teeth do not come down slightly in front of the lower teeth. Commonly called “crossbite”.
  • Center of your upper frontal teeth does not align with the center of your lower front teeth. Better known as “bite disarray”.
  • Teeth do not reach to fill up the buccal cavity or are missing causing gaps between the teeth.
  • A small dental ridge cannot accommodate the teeth delivering an appearance of too crowded.

How widespread is orthodontic treatment in the USA?

Statistically around 30% of the population needs braces. The best age for braces is around 12 to 23 years; however, new advances in orthodontics method can extend the success of orthodontic treatments to adults as well.

Different Types of braces

Fixed Braces

They are the most common orthodontic gear. The method can be applied to correct exiting problems or as prevention and it is  the most common orthodontic gear. Fixed braces will allow you to eat and chew your food without limitation. It is recommended that some foods and drinks are avoided, specially fizzy drinks and hard sweets as they can erode your teeth and your braces. You should also be careful if you play a contact sport and protect both your mouth and your braces. Metal is the most widely material for fixed braces although there are made of other materials like ceramics or clear plastic. Each case is different and so is the election of the method and material.

Removable Braces

Minor orthodontic problems are usually corrected by removable braces. Slightly misaligned teeth or wrong bite can be corrected by them most of the time. Although they can be easily removed by the patient they are meant to be used permanently except for cleaning purposes or any physical activity where they should be removed as precaution. Ask your Dentist for more details.

Functional Appliances 

Maxillary problems should be corrected by functional appliances. Position misplacements  between the upper and lower jaw are very difficult to correct. In some cases surgery is the only possible solution.

Functional Jaw Orthopedics is a term used to describe appliances that orthodontists use to affect the jaw and bone – not just the teeth. Orthodontics is a term associated with movement of individual teeth. Properly combining both techniques helps us to achieve more natural facial contours with a full smile, i.e., more pleasing facial aesthetics. Proper treatment can also lead to healthier temporomandibular joints (jaw joints).  Source: http://www.drjmayortho.com


Low Cost Braces

By law, MediCal provides low-income families dental support including covers braces procedures if the required procedure is of medical need and not just a cosmetic enhancement. It should be established, however, that the . A qualified, MediCal supported orthodontist will evaluate the child’s condition. Dental Schools are affiliate to programs that provide community services.

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